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You can view tarot readings on various topics including today's horoscope, love fortune, reunion fortune, financial and wealth fortune, exam luck, career path, connection fortune, and health fortune. 

Select a topic and draw one of the 22 reversed cards for your tarot card interpretation. I will provide interpretations of the card's meaning, as well as insights for both upright and reversed positions, relevant to the chosen topic and associated keywords.

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   ✡️Today's Horoscope⇩

타로 오늘의운세

Arcanus (Tarot Master/13)

Arcanus, recognized as the greatest tarot master in the cat kingdom, delved into tarot from an early age and gained profound understanding of its principles.

     ✡️[Crystal Ball] Today's Horoscope ⇩

Celeste (Fortune Teller/8)

Celeste, using a crystal ball, provides comprehensive daily horoscope readings.

   ✡️Love Fortune👇

타로 사랑 애정운

Bubbles (Lovely/6)

Responsible for fortunes related to love and affection, Bubbles matches their cute and lovable appearance.

     ✡️Connection Fortune👇

인연운 레나

Lena (Mystery/8)

Lena, with her mysterious ability to read people's hearts through their eyes, is responsible for tarot interpretations regarding connections.

     ✡️Reunion Fortune👇

재회운 타로운세보기

Leo (Son of the Wind/7)

Leo, known for his astute and delicate personality, provides guidance through tarot cards on issues related to reunions, the complexity of emotions, and the potential for reuniting.

     ✡️금전 재물운 보기👇

타로 금전 재물운

Fortuno (Tycoon/7)

Born into a wealthy cat family that amassed fortune through maritime trade in the age of exploration, Fortuno possesses exceptional abilities to discern the flow of wealth.

   ✡️Career Path Fortune👇

키아누 진로운

Keanu (Head of Students/16)

Keanu, known for his strict and charismatic demeanor, formerly guided young cats as a head student. He has an exceptional sense for career guidance.

   ✡️Exam Fortune 👇

Shy (Tarot Reader/9)

A cat who is quite shy but focuses on inner growth and endless self-development.

More options will be added continuously...


Tarot cards have been used since ancient times for divining human fate. A standard tarot deck consists of 78 cards, divided into 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards. The interpretation of tarot cards can provide insight into questions, illuminate past, present, and future, and assist in personal growth and development.

Tarot cards are used as tools for predicting outcomes or providing new perspectives on issues, thus aiding in the understanding of life. The reading of tarot cards is influenced by various fields such as psychology, mythology, philosophy, art, and symbolism. This diversity adds depth and variety to the interpretations of the cards.

Ultimately, tarot is best utilized as a tool for understanding the self and growth, and for gaining insights into life's challenges and issues, rather than just predicting the future.

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